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The Night The Angel Came With The Oil

Remembering The Night The Angel Appeared and A New Word Dr Theresa Phillips Just recently we had some wonderful people over to our home. As we were talking about times past I began to feel the Presence so very strong. It wasn't very long when I began to speak about the oil and how the Angel that visited me on that 12th night 12 years ago changed my life. I could actually feel the presence of that Angel that visited me and brought the oil. Suddenly the spirit of the Lord jumped inside of me as if I was leaping over a river and I ran to get the bottle of oil. upon returning to the room I began to anoint everybody with the oil and the bottle had not been opened in months. The fragrance filled the atmosphere I could remember the Angel Belshazzar, that came in dressed in his royal robes and royal diadem and how he stood in front of the desk, and he was living oil his skin was transparent and his fragrance emanated from the very being of who he was, and I was in awe.

I remember settling in the seat not knowing exactly what had just transpired but I knew that it had become eternal, and it had become majestic, and I knew that God had visited me with something special. I remembered the Presence of the king entering our house and the bottles falling into the Star of David after the Angel told me to clear clean and set my table for a king. {See Video} I remembered the fragrance never changed and to this day never has we were talking about these signs wonders and miracles when suddenly the Lord spoke to me and said signs wonders and miracles and the glory will return, and it will be greater than the former! My body began to resonate with excitement especially in dark times that we are in today. I looked over at the people that had been anointed with oil and I saw that the Spirit of the Lord had come upon them and that they were being transformed and my spirit inside of me wanted to yell please transform for the positive and lay aside the negative. Again, my heart began to swirl with the love of Jesus in the presence. I looked out the window and I could see the lights in the street and how people were trying desperately to celebrate Christmas in dark times. The Lord reminded me that darkness would cover the earth and then gross darkness and that we were in the days of darkness. Then God then said be a light in dark places I've sent you to be a light I've sent you I've sent you … I've sent you to brighton the atmosphere! Let my glory return to the House of bread ! Quietly I sunk back in my chair and I knew that God was speaking and, I knew that God was also giving a warning for suddenly I felt a lot of prophetic words and I knew there were many things I could not say… I heard the Lord again and behold. I began to remember the star in the sky and how the wise men three came on bended knee with their gifts and treasures to the son of God. And then I heard the Lord speak to me again and he said I will show you some mighty things that are about to happen in the earth Signs will appear in very dark places and I will let my Glory be seen. But the time is not right for in this day and in this hour I am asking for my church to arise and to celebrate for praise will change the atmosphere and your worship shall maintain it! This is what I had heard from the Almighty Son of God Then he said Come now Enter into the Joy of the Season for there you are my Church Glow now. Grow Now and Go Now. Be the Light in the darkness and Fear Not for Behold I shall bring you good tidings of Great Joy! Merry Christmas Dr Theresa Phillips The Kings Ambassador FYI 1000s I mean 1000s have been anointed with the oil for 12 Years and its still filling up Here is a picture of a few nights ago

_______________________ Have a Blessed Christmas and a Positive New Year .

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