• Dr Theresa Phillips

Prayer for America Continues.

On this day 20 years ago Our country faced an attack that was unchangeable.

Terrorists attacked our nation killing 3000 people.

And, to this very day some still perishing from the rescue attempts.

Flags flew on almost every home in 48 hours.

On that day clergy took to the altars and open their houses of worship as people streamed in for safety and guidance. Finding peace in God.

Military personal already in the air due to an exercise at the time. (Chaplain Robert Phillips was there). Other military ready in minutes.

The nation was at a standstill. Watching.. Waiting .. Praying.

Foreign heads of government were NOT allowed in our airspace.

Smoke raged from The Twin Towers. The Pentagon was ablaze, and a field of dreams was destroyed by heroics of the day saving countless lives… Patriots Day emerged.

AMERICANS Yes, 19 years ago…

Yet today we stand at the crossroads of tyranny once again.

And, this time the flags disappear as fear has taken hold of a nation.

The terror from within has caused many a weakened soul.

GOD touch America.

And here today we offer the prayers of Thanksgiving and Tributes to the lost and the perishing of 9-11. Under watchful eyes of mankind's opinions.

Not forgetting the eyes of GOD watch to and fro.

On that day our first responders bravely entered collapsing building looking or survivors.

Our military was in the sky circling for days.

Teams of firemen and police and veterans from across the nation streamed in to do something anything to assist in war.


The military the volunteers and the clergy on their knees working in solidarity for one cause


I remember the sky was clear as this pastor entered into the church at 9 am… Not a cloud in the sky not a bird. The soundlessness was completely deafening sobering and thoughts of America must be saved.

In days our National Anthem was being played from The White House to Buckingham Palace. Allies stood with us. Enemies laughed at us.

We prevailed! We Are AMERICANS!

Today upon reflection we see cloudy skies a dark atmosphere the smell of fallen leaves emanating from the earth after the rains.

Questioning GOD is this a sign of the times?

On that day America saw GOD's hand and the people called upon the Lord God Almighty.

Today we cry out to God in our homes with houses of worship closed.

Enemies from within removing flags of nation. Ceremonies at a minimal.

But, in spite of it all We say THANK YOU to every Veteran and First Responder.


Every city . Every person that acknowledges this day. And, for the Hand of GOD unseen yet evident in our land. WE THANK YOU!

We give thanks for all who have served and continue to serve.

We give thanks for those who stand to ready when called upon.

These are AMERICANS!

Almighty God we ask you to guide the hearts and hands and minds of our nation’s leaders from the top down.

We ask for your unrelenting shelter in the midst of these storms.

We as for your Presence to be among us strong and mighty forever.

We ask for hearts to be turned back to the Love of God and Country and Family!

We diligently say We ARE ONE WE ARE AMERICANS.

O Lord GOD We thank you. For we are the land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.

May You O GOD Bless America!

Chaplains Robert and Theresa Phillips


  • Dr Theresa Phillips

Why The King Is In The Field Is So Important!

The truth is most people do not understand the importance of the king is in the field. The reason this is so important is that His Majesty King Jesus comes to labor among his people to see what they are doing with what he has given them.

In Royal Circles The Kings Coming is an exceptional time. It's not a will-be someday. It's a requirement of The King To Be Seen is to Be Believed This is why EUEL is VITAL. Here we see the Crowds gather and PRAISE HIM! When The King is in the Field... He moves with them. He talks with them. He listens to what they have to say And, he shares his father’s heart. All have become one for that season of the King is in the field. Every person in the kingdom must recognize the importance of the season for this is where petitions must be carefully laid out. This must be a time of true reflection as to what is truly God’s priority! The king is in the field! In this season many will be elevated o higher positions due to Loyalty and Faithfulness.  Some who have not been faithful could be removed For the KING has the final say. We in the US many have no concept about the reigning of kingship in the Kingdom. Being an ambassador is not just being IN. It's subservience to the Royal Command and Fulfilling His desires not our own. When we are called Ambassadors is beyond praying in his name. IT IS REPRESENTATION. Truly manifesting Him as his extension. The season we are in HE IS LOOKING FOR AMBASSADORS Are you willing to allow him into your life and see what you have done?

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PART 2 Why The King In The Field is so IMPORTANT!

We sing the King is Coming. The King is Coming... But in this season of Elul The King TABERNACLES with his subjects.

Before a king enters his city, its inhabitants go out to greet him and receive him in the field. At that time, anyone who so desires is granted permission [and can]6 approach him and greet him. He receives them all pleasantly, and shows a smiling countenance to all . . . This is HE IN THE FIELD greeting loving dining and BEING in all facets of life Remember the field has total value. It's Currency It's Family It's Business

Its Government IT'S ALL 7 Spheres of influence. He represents all of GOD'S' creation. All his subjects are there to relate to him in his presence. Here The king's Presence is intense the People see him as THEIR own SOVEREIGN who supplies who LOVES Who Dwells to make intercession for them He is representing The Glory of GOD and is reminding us all of HEAVEN. He there is showing the Earth is his footstool and "The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof" This is the time when GIVING BACK to the King sets the stage of New beginnings of NEW. This is THE NEW when we start a new relationship with the King. We there can cry I am my Beloved's and His Is Mine.

The Kings Ambassador

Dr Theresa Phillips


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