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18 “….,‘These things says the Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire, and His feet like fine brass:

19 “I know your works, love, service, faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first.

20 Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

21 And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality, and she did not repent.

22 Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds.”

(Revelation 2:18-22)

============== Dear Friends,

It seems there has been a resurgence of the activity of the Spirit of Jezebel in these days. Especially in the church. I pray this article is of help to those who are being affected by it.


Beware of Jezebel. It is a bewitching, sneaky, conniving, controlling, manipulative spirit that particularly hates and seeks to destroy the prophetic so that she is not "found out."

The Jezebel spirit is not gender specific. It can operate through a male or female. However, for the purpose of greater clarity in this chapter, I will refer to it as female.

Women truly are the best judge of other women, as are men of other men. It's just a fact. A man will sense a player a mile away, while women are enamored by them and their charming ways.

A man is usually totally oblivious to a Jezebel in their midst that bewitches and sets her sights on him. No matter how blatant it may appear to the women around them who see Jezzy operate in all her glory, a man will be so bewitched by her that he will defend her, even to his own wife. The man will think the other women are just jealous of the poor accused Jezebel and arise to defend her.

A Jezebel in female form hates other women. Especially the exceptionally discerning ones. They represent a threat to her domain. Therefore she will do all she can to discredit and destroy them in any way that she can.

She will accuse them of making things up, say they don't belong in leadership, can't hear God, etc. Her witchcraft extends into spiritual realms, causing these women to feel crazy, dumb, stupid, "would be better off dead," and a host of other condemnations.

Her onslaught often causes her victims to experience extreme warfare in their marriage and with leaders, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Her witchcraft attempts to induce calamity, illness, accidents, and even death to those who oppose her.

Jezzy will appear to the man to be sincere, caring, and intelligent. She is able to cause him to believe that the other women are simply jealous and out to get her.

All the while, Jezebel’s evil spiritual tentacles are being driven deeper into his soul. Any accusations against her cause the male victim to defend her all the more. She is a master at seduction. It is deception at a high level. Her goal is to divide and conquer.

(Special Note: Now is not gender specific. So this can apply to a man as well. So where it says she, it could instead be a he.)

All the time that Jezzy is cozying up to her victim, she is planning his demise. She is discovering his weaknesses, and capitalizing on them through flattery and what appears to be serving him.

She may even put on a "poor, misunderstood, and misjudged me" act and cry if confronted.

She is a guided missile, compliments of the enemy, sent to destroy her target.

Her victim is usually a man in a high level of authority.

There are times when Jezebel may even deceive and recruit other women into her camp to do her bidding and help accomplish her dirty work. But make no mistake about it, these Jezzy apprentices in training will know she is the boss.

This may serve to further confuse her male victim, because their support of her will often cause him to believe she is ok and just misunderstood by the discerning women who are warning him about her.

She isn't necessarily after being in power herself, as long as she can be the "power behind the throne."

In private, unseen situations with her victim, she appears vulnerable and compliant, gaining further trust and favor, all the while wielding and penetrating her venom into them.

She may even use subtile seduction through wearing certain types of clothing, perfume, or even by acting as a servant by getting the man coffee or baking him cookies, paying close attention to his personal needs, etc.

She will seem to understand him like no one else because she studies and learns his ways well in order to manipulate him. She will be ever so conscious and mindful of any way in which she may slide another tentacle in place.

All the while, the man's wife and other women see through her plan and try to warn her target. Even other men eventually do.

Bewitched by her charms, everything anyone says to warn her victim causes him to defend her all the more and turn him on those doing the warning.

Drama is her calling card. She craves attention and power, at any cost. Good or bad.

Embellishment and outright lies go right along with it. And always, destruction litters her path.

So how do you un-seat her?

Stop feeding her. Don't give her the information and attention she craves. Remove her from any positions of authority. Take her out of all information loops at every turn. And pray. Prayer is your greatest weapon.

Pray for God to open the eyes and ears of her victim. Pray for God Himself to put a Holy Ghost restraining order on her. Pray for the Spirit of Truth to blatantly reveal even the hidden agendas and truths in an undeniable way to all concerned and for all to see.

Plead the blood of Jesus over the mind, body, spirit, and life of her victim. Do not back down nor give up.

No use in arguing with that spirit or playing a blame game with it. All of that is a waste of time and energy and still feeds her need for attention.

Once her authority and feeding lines are shut down, it will drive her crazy and she will begin to manifest so blatantly that all will see the truth, including her victim.

Jezebel is a sociopathic spirit that has no fear of God or man. And again, the Jezebel spirit is not gender driven. There are men who open themselves to it as well.

We can pray for the person wrapped up in that spirit for deliverance as well. That would be the ultimate desired outcome. But that won't happen unless we refuse to allow that spirit to have authority and operate in our midst.

Don't ignore your discernment. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Trust God and He will unseat Jezebel as you - and others - pray and refuse to back down or play its' games.

If you are a pastor and she and her cohorts are your Intercessors, pay attention to what is going on, and shut that information line down fast. Pay attention to the veiled threats of, "If you don't do this, the church will fall apart."

If you are a Marketplace Ministry Leader and she and her cohorts are your Intercessors, pay attention to how your bottom line plummets when you don't "obey" her advice.

Make no mistake, God IS greater. But you must choose to not allow her to play God with your life.

Love and Blessings,

Joni Ames (10/19/22)


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  • Writer's pictureDr Theresa Phillips

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