Theresa Phillips

When I was given the Gift of the Oil by The Lord in 2010 I had no idea where it would lead me.

One day I was in a glory meeting when the speaker said he had angels that looked like him.

Well that was cool!

The next day I looked into the mirror and said OUCH if i have angels that look like me I am in serious trouble and im making them look horrid!

I had not taken good care of my self.

I was gaining weight and hardly ever wore makeup nor did any skincare. Mine consisted of a bar of dial soap and water.

That day was a turn around for me.

I prayed and asked GOD to help me.

Theresa he said I gave you the oil.. Yes Lord thank you..

Theresa I gave you the oil USE IT ON YOUR FACE!

In the meantime my hubby had bought me a gift of a facial at an organic salon. (some conformation)?

While there, each layer the aesthetician placed on my skin I asked what is that? And Why?

I had never had a facial and was extremely curious ,why the steam, why the oils, I have oily skin, what are you doing?

This dear lady was so kind she explained each step and why all during my

1 hour and 30 minute facial.

Every layer she placed on my skin the Lord spoke to me and said "We have that. You have that at home. I gave you the oil".

Well I got home my skin felt great thanked my husband ... I learned yes you can use oil on your oily skin and I decided I was going to use those same oil sand try to make something. My life took a turn.

My grandmother was a great Herbalist ands she taught me a lot.

I went into some of her books and started to study ...

Learning what goes with what...

Then I heard the Lord again.

Go into the oil room I have a gift for you. I did and he began to instruct me to take this oil and that oil and put it together and add this much of the Royal Scents Kings Oil The Anointing oil that He gave me. ( that oil is all over the world and has been sent to all the USA states and Territories. and the Bottle still fills 12 Years Later!)

The Glory OIl Bottle is still filling Up!
The Glory OIl Bottle is still filling Up!

Back to the new adventure into the Glory with GOD... ...

Ok, so I started to blend certain oils together and started to use them similarly to the professional facial I had received.

By the way... that facial made my skin feel fab for weeks!

So in my adventure I began to realize something NEW was happening.

Here I was blending the oils as I had been instructed. I took it to church

(where else) and gave it to the ladies and YEP they loved it . I began to see a glow on their face.

Now another in the meantime ... A man purchased the Anointing Oil. He purchased two bottles and called me on the phone.

He began to ask me questions about the oil. I shared a part of the story Then he said well we are a organic lab and we are trying to identify what's in the oil. My response was you can't identify GOD he shouted praise the Lord!

He said Theresa we need to do something with this oil. I didn't know what to say.

He said pray and i'll call back in two weeks.

I did and he did . He asked me, what did God say to you? I said NOTHING I just kept singing I see glory on each face surely the Presence of the Lord is in this place. He asked me what do you think that is I wasn't sure... But had an idea ...

We talked for quite a while and we decided to develop a Glory filled skincare line! Named it Redeem And Renew Skin Solutions LLC.

Within 6 months we had a launch and that alone is a miracle.

They developed some creams I supplied the Glory oils and I still made the Spa. Kit The serums God gave me the formula for, just, after I had that beautiful facial.

All of the moisture products have the OIL in it.

Now, after a few years of purchasing premade products I am formulating them myself. Lab fees are sky high bottling and labeling out the roof.. So i had to make some decisions. Give it up or move forward. Forward!

Yes, I have my own lab and am formulating skin care with the OIL!

Aestheticians use it and this is being purchased all over the globe...

I built a website I had only 1 investor. And away we went.

Its an uphill climb But im going to conquer this because helping people feel better about themselves is sometimes more than spiritual It's everything. We are EVERYTHING and GOD is in EVERYTHING!

When those beautiful ladies in my church used the serums I created they were changing.. Skin yes and more The smiles were stronger, IT'S the Glory on each face... surely...

Now today those serums I developed???

I've been to formulation school and they are SPOT ON with professional formulation NOW THAT'S GOD!

And learning to develop a whole line of unique skincare products has been a sheer joy!

When i'm in the lab I listen to the word or anointed praise and worship.

I can sense GOD is up to something. And, the Glory Oil is always standing by.

Perhaps an Esther anointing? Perhaps a new lifestyle.

WellI,I I turned down shark tank .. yes I did I received a call from a headhunter and I turned it down.

I am relying on The Presence to direct this line of skincare.

O and the Lab... The one that helped me create. They are my lab for many of our health aids now.

Because I want to see healthy skin and healthy bodies.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are in a strategic place in time Now is the time for the church has been given inventions and anointings to be a part of the Splendor of The King. In this time.

Here are some pics I hope you enjoy this shout out.

The top is this is Patty.

The bottom Pics? Me.. the one on the left is 11 Years old.

Each day in the presence of the Lord is a makeover day.

We repent We get up and get going again. And, We Praise Jesus.

I'm sharing part of my story because many of you need this.

The ills of society are dragging many down and, It's a new Day!

I have to share this!

Many people have questioned me as to whether i'm in the will of GOD being a formulater for skin care The Answer is YES! He FORMED this world and us. I'm just co laboring with Him to bring out the better us.

I love making people happier in their own skin.

Remember your skin is your FIRST ARMOR and we can take care of it.

And use His Natural Ingredients to preserve our Esther Anointing.

And by the way... We have man men using this too.

I love presenting this gift to the world because it's for The KING!

If you are interested in this skincare line? Go here vvvvvv

The Original Royal Spa Kit is our first #1 Seller

  • Dr Theresa Phillips

"Healing for the Prophets - From Heaven to Earth" Theresa Phillips, Saint Charles, IL

I was in a deep sleep...the snow was falling outside. Suddenly, I had a dream. My Visit to a Heavenly Hospital In this dream, I was in a very large building with a huge red cross on the top. My first thought was that I was with the Red Cross, perhaps on a mission. Suddenly I realized I was riding upward in an elevator; many floors up, up, I went. The very heavenly elevator doors opened, and I was standing in a hallway that looked like a hospital floor. I gasped at the number of people wearing hospital gowns. I then realized I was in a very special hospital ward. To my left were several rooms with moaning patients who had IVs and intercessors – yes, intercessors were praying for the ones in the beds. I just stared and said, "Please, Jesus, heal whoever these are!" As I started to walk, coming closer to the nurse's station where questions could be asked, I noticed each nurse was dressed in white with a blue sash and a red cross on their chest. "Surely, I am somewhere I've never been before," I said to myself. Suddenly there, standing in front of me, was a familiar face. This was the face of a VOICE OF GOD – a prophet! Tears rolled down their face. They were tired and worn out, weeping like a child. I felt my heart inside just wanting to burst out in tears and ask, "What's wrong? What happened?" Then I saw many prophets walking the halls in hospital gowns...crying some more. Then I felt the familiar presence of the Holy Spirit. He said to me, "Be still a moment and just look." So I did. I saw armor in corners all damaged and rusted. I saw bones drying and cracking. I saw hair tousled and unkempt as these people lay in their beds. Proverbs 17:22 says, "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." Tears were in my eyes. "Do you feel this, Theresa?" He asked. "Yes, my Lord, I feel this; I stand with them," I answered, my eyes leaking out of compassion and love. "Theresa, I am showing you this because My prophets have been beaten up and are wounded from the many fights," He said. I looked again. Several of them I knew, and my heart was so broken. I've been here before, I thought...perhaps not that long ago...but the pain is so familiar. I wanted to turn away, cover my eyes and pretend this was not happening. I felt the pain, the suffering and the loneliness of the prophets here in this place. A Golden Ray Glistens: Get Ready to See a Major Move in the Prophetic Suddenly, a golden ray glistened in front of me. "All is not what it seems," came a booming voice from the center of the ray. "These are My chosen ones. They have been wounded and mocked. They have been abused...I am healing them. I am restoring them. I am realigning them for what is about to happen. "Theresa, these voices are MINE, and I will not have the prophets harmed. You see before you the spiritual alignment of radical healing coming upon them. I AM THAT I AM is doing a new thing. Get ready to hear from Heaven. Get ready to see a major move in the prophetic. Souls will be delivered. Healing and deliverance [will happen] simultaneously. "I am rekindling a prophetic army that will passionately love My people and bring what they hear from the throne room with authority and power. Get ready to prophesy. Get ready to bring healing. Get ready for deliverance. Get ready for sorrowful repentance that moves HEAVEN to EARTH."

Shaking from this dream, I woke up. I started to repent, asking GOD to examine me, change me, use me, free me and heal me! The room was quiet; He had heard me. I had been given a visitation I shall never forget! A Prayer for the Prophets As I was praying, I heard this scripture VERY CLEARLY: Isaiah 57:18-19: "'I have seen their ways, but I will heal them; I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel's mourners, creating praise on their lips. Peace, peace, to those far and near,' says the Lord, 'And I will heal them.'" Dear friends, pray earnestly for the prophets. We need it. More Scriptures to Assist Us in Praying for the Prophets (YES, SAINTS, PRAY!): Amos 3:7: "Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets." Psalm 105:15: "Do not touch My anointed ones; do My prophets no harm." Hosea 12:10: "I spoke to the prophets; it was I who multiplied visions, and through the prophets gave parables." Deuteronomy 18:15: "The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your brothers – it is to him you shall listen." Dr. Theresa Phillips Founder and Chief Editor, Global Prophetic Voice Email: Website: Dr. Theresa Phillips is an international speaker, author, recording artist, and business owner. She is the host of Global Prophetic Live Web TV, and is the developer of Glory Oils and Redeem and Renew Skin Solutions. Dr. Theresa is an educator and author of Kingdom principles, releasing many into positions of leadership in the "Seven Mountain" spheres of influence. In her 33 years of Ministry, Theresa has authored 22 books and released a number of short articles and prophetic words. She is impassioned to help others develop their own destinies!