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The Night Of An Encounter With Jesus

On the night of Purim, I meditated with thoughts of Esther. I found myself escaping to the Oil room and opening the bottle of Esther’s Oil. The fragrance was alive. I poured it upon my head, allowing it to flow.

Spikenard Pomegranate Hyssop and more.

My senses were alive with the Beauty of the oil.

Suddenly I could feel myself becoming enraptured in the Presence of the Almighty, and I knew something was about to happen.

I could feel my spirit begin to arise in the Heavenlies’ I could feel the soaring through the winds of change. Then I heard a bird fly past me. The bird was speaking across the vast sky. It’s Time It’s Time It’s Time for the Winds of Change. The sound echoed so majestically I knew where I was headed. Suddenly I saw a glittering stone shining like the beacon of a lighthouse.

My eyes were fixed upon that beauty.

I saw more stones on a circlet crown glittering like the aurora borealis across the sky. It was Him. The King was present. I was shaken with awe.

The winds of the Spirit had moved me up and out of the mundane cloistered walls, and I soared far above the division and distractions of the below. I felt free in His Grace and His Love. I was engulfed at this moment I had escaped the world below. Suddenly I was aware the bird was speaking again. It’s time. It’s Time It’s Time. All across the sky. This time the words were much more authoritative.

I could hear the flapping of massive wings I had been engulfed in the Glory of Heaven. It lasted, but a mere moment yet, I had been changed. Esther was real to me at this moment. Her abounding love for GOD and her People, I had tears in my eyes think of GOD and our people.

Her abounding love and sacrifice to be strong enough to say If I did, I die. But God will have a people … He will have A UNIFIED people who are willing to sacrifice all for the sake of some. The preparation The Oils and Spices and Sugars and Sand scrubbing off all the indignities of the outside world. Over and Over again, the cleansing, the sun, the washing, the learning, the waiting for that one moment to save her life, then later her people. All of this racing through my mind.

If I die, I die… Can you do it, I ask? Can I? O Lord Jesus, save me from this wicked world and REIGN in me. Once again, aware of my surroundings, I had to cry… …

I thought about Esther, and I cried once again. Here Am I Lord Send Me. The Kings Ambassador Dr. Theresa Phillips


The Oil is Very Beautiful indeed


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