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Prophetic Word: Jezebel & Ahab and Leviathan


For weeks I’ve been sensing a suffocating in the spirit.

I have felt personal cooperate, and public restrictions over dreams, visions, and appointments.

The spirit of Leviathan is very active In family, friends, and relationships. He is destroying them.

The purpose is to bring division. The foundation is the king of pride. Pride is powerful.

As a result comes Jezebel. Empowered by Ahab.

But God is the one who suffocates Leviathan.

No man can touch him or draw him with a hood (Job 41)

We must continue in the unity of love bonded together. AS ONE!

This is the will of God. To dwell together in unity for the cause of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is at hand REACH AND TAKE IT!

God said He is with us.

He said He reveals His secrets to His prophets.

His word will never lie!

The Kingdom is suffering from this violent smothering spirit.

Yet wait. The anointing is coming. Just wait. He said wait. IT IS COMING.

The Kings Ambassador

Dr. Theresa Phillips



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