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Get Some Sunglasses The Sun is Gonna Shine Across America

Sunglasses Everyone the Sun is Going to Shine in America!

As I sat at the computer looking at snow falling again and it's springtime.

I hear The Sun is about to Shine Brightly Over America!

I waited upon our Lord to hear what He was saying.

Then I heard clearly Behold The Kingdom is At Hand

Luke 17: 21 Luke 17:21,"

Just as I heard that I saw the Sun come out and brilliantly shone in the garden!

The sun was so bright and the atmosphere was clear The as I looked into the garden I saw while the sun was shining the snow was still falling ...

Ever so gently the breath of God ( Job 37:10) exposed itself through the BRILLIANT rays of the sun.

I walked outside overwhelmed by the Majestic Presence of the Lord covering over us in the place I was standing.

Then I heard this:

I am the way The Truth and The Life. (John 14:6)

Come closer to Me. (James 4: 8)

Call unto Me.(Psalms 50:15)

Follow Me. (1st Cor 4;16)

Drive out the fear WITH PRAISE!

Glorify Me and watch Me move across the nation with the BRILLIANCE of my sun.

I did question if He was talking about His Son???

The Lords Voice said clearly Theresa Souls are at stake! We need to see the KINGDOM advance like never before!

I felt an arrow pierce me.

Tears weeping and breaking in my inner being.

He spoke so gently in the snow in the sunshine.

The Sun will be a sign to the lost that warmer days are ahead. As, they begin to enjoy the rays of the sun I will pour of my Spirit some supernatural sightings and the lost will take notice.

This is my doing! No man can copy the elements. When I speak ALL of Creation is Mine and It Belongs to Me.

Creation will praise Me!

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” (Isaiah 55:12)

Now Tell the Church Pray and Praise Pray and Praise.

I am pouring out Sunshine NOW.

LOOK as you are writing this look outside an see the clouds moved in so fast… That is what the enemy is doing. He is allowing small bits of Glory. Then, he shows his hand of dark doom and gloom DON’T BELIEVE HIM!

BUT I am changing this NOW the sun is shining and will drive out Fear Can you Believe this? I just dwelt in this Presence loving him and say yes Lord Yes!!

I will Praise you and YES I believe!

Lord as it is written it is done…


Dr. Theresa Phillips

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