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It must be proclaimed. It Must Be Proclaimed! There is something that must be proclaimed. It must be proclaimed regardless of the crisis that is in the world today. HIS THRONE THE THRONE OF GOD ISI ON THE MOVE! I SAW IT! Tonight I saw the living creatures moving to and fro across the sky. It must be his loving-kindness that the throne of God is on the move. Awaken Beloved Of The King I can Smell the Myrrh It’s in the lock Of The Door... Awaken oh senses and allow the King of Glory to be seen!  The Four Living Creatures=refer to the Attributes of God They Refer to the Powers of GOD and the ULtimate Sovereignty of GOD. The Man refers to God’s wisdom and knowledge The Lion refers to God’s power and majesty The Calf refers to God’s patience and justice The Eagle refers to God’s glory, height, and sight There must be a form of understanding as to WHY this is seen. As in Revelation, Chap 4 Verse 6 they are said to have "eyes all over, front and back", suggesting that they are alert and knowledgeable, that nothing. To be seen... I saw them I was in awe and yet I was not under conviction I was under a level of grace I had never seen before... These creatures are the power of the throne yet they manifested to me in the abundant grace mankind, in my opinion, does not deserve.

Then I was directed to Isaiah chapter 6 6 In the year of the death of king Uzziah -- I see the Lord, sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and His train is filling the temple.

2 Seraphs are standing above it: six wings hath each one; with two [each] covereth its face, and with two [each] covereth its feet, and with two [each] flieth.

3 And this one hath called unto that, and hath said: `Holy, Holy, Holy, [is] Jehovah of Hosts, The fulness of all the earth [is] His glory.'

4 And the posts of the thresholds are moved by the voice of him who is calling, and the house is full of smoke.

5 And I say, `Wo to me, for I have been silent, For a man -- unclean of lips [am] I, And in midst of a people unclean of lips I am dwelling, Because the King, Jehovah of Hosts, have my eyes seen.'

6 And flee unto me doth one of the seraphs, and in his hand a burning coal, (with tongs he hath taken [it] from off the altar,)

7 and he striketh against my mouth, and saith: `Lo, this hath stricken against thy lips, And turned aside is thine iniquity, And thy sin is covered.'

8 And I hear the voice of the Lord, saying: `Whom do I send? and who doth go for Us?' And I say, `Here [am] I, send me.'

9 And He saith, `Go, and thou hast said to this people, Hear ye -- to hear, and ye do not understand, And see ye -- to see, and ye do not know.

10 Declare fat the heart of this people, And its ears declare heavy, And its eyes declare dazzled, Lest it see with its eyes, And with its ears hear, and its heart consider, And it hath turned back, and hath health.'

11 And I say, `Till when, O Lord?' And He saith, `Surely till cities have been wasted without inhabitant, And houses without man, And the ground be wasted -- a desolation,

12 And Jehovah hath put man far off, And great [is] the forsaken part in the heart of the land. A escapes their notice Dear Friends, We are about to witness something we have never seen before. Some with no conviction some with tremendous conviction NONE THE LESS GODS THRONE IS MOVING. There will be four kinds of witness. 1 The Majesty of His truth will come forth. with King like presence, we have never seen before. LION 2 The Sacrifice as the fatted Calf will be the sin of the people and the recognition of the need to repent. There will be no substitute. 3 The Wisdom God gave Man will be strategies that we will be trusted with for the new warfare we will soon enter. This warfare has never been seen before. 4 The Seer = Eagle will begin to soar above the injustice and see directly from the throne of GOD and declare the intents of the King and His Kingdom. Are you READY? askes the Lord.

Dr Theresa Phillips

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