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Day 7 of Christmas.. I was singing White Christmas But now....

Song...I'm Dreaming of A white Christmas just like...And its New Years Eve.. Yes I'm singing!

Luke 2 :7 And she brought forth her firstborn son wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room in the inn..

I searched my heart and saw sit was lonely.. The big day has passed some decorations are beginning to fade...Neighbors homes are no longer lit. I felt let down..But it's still Christmas In my Soul.

Putting away special boxes I glanced toward the garden ahhhh the snow was starting to fall.... its 12 days of Christmas after all..

The elements of memories began to flood my mind...

The son on the hay the shepherds in the fields the people came from miles around to follow the star.. and I was alone.

Then suddenly I stepped outside. The flakes of snow hit my face I know it is God. He has shared his love.

Though my sin is scarlet I was white as snow.

One begins to sense a rise in the spirit. O its joy! It's A MIRACLE Christmas time. It's hasn't passed there are still 5 more days I shall make it last..

O Lord see me and have mercy I need to to strengthen me its 12 days of Christmas..

I am here feelings running to and fro hear, I am still asking you to show me the peace and understanding I need to believe that these days will last all year long.. So i will continue to sing a song...

O Lord I believe in Christmas!

Thank you Amen

Dr Theresa Phillips

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