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This Exciting Time We Are In! WOMEN GET READY!

As we prepare for the Best day of the Year Christmas I often reflect on the Birth of Jesus...

I wonder how today women would fair giving birth in such conditions... Then I am reminded that those in the Middle East still do..

Again my mind starts to drift toward all the women in the world who have carried out multiple tasks at the same time.

How flexible we are and resilient.

Then i began to Praise the Lord I felt a prophetic word coming..

2018 Will be A year of acceleration and new wave of women entrepreneurs and more births in America than in the last 30 years!

Women who are mothers will become CEOS, President of Corporations, and hold many influential jobs in Government.

Women will begin to wear more professional attire and they will say no to their children who are looking at women who care nothing about personal dignity.

That is about to change BUT it can't come without a price says the Lord.

The Price will be "Can you say NO and be strong without being extreme? asks the Lord.

Then I heard this very clearly.

Matt 19:14 Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

When I hear this i hear tow thing Christian schools and homeschool and Sunday School

The Year of Redeeming Education is in 2018.. Moms and Educators get ready.. You are about to shine.

There will be women winner of the Nobel Prize in 2018 In Education

There will Ceos and Government leaders emerge all women.

There's going to be a woman who will emerge in the media stage a Christian who will have a voice to the nations and bring a time of rest. Especially in the middle east conflict.

As you can see women are on God's heart....

and then let us remember that song written by country gospel singer and Comedian Mark Lowry..

Mary Did You Know....

I say Ladies did you know....

God bless and Happy New Year

Dr Theresa Phillips

The Kings Ambassador

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