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It could Have Been Life or Death If I Hadn't...

Dear Reader:

Wow I never knew I’d be writing about this, but I must.

Several weeks ago, I went to see the Dermatologist that encouraged me to have eyelid surgery.

I had not realized that I lost nearly 80% vision in my right eye due to the heavy hooding on that eye.

I went to a specialist and they also recommended that I have the surgery.

I did.

It was not painful, and I did bruise a lot, but the results are worth it! I can wear glasses I had 7 years ago. That is how much my vision was blocked.

So…I went back to the dermatologist to show her the result and while there I asked would you take a look at this spot on my back? She said yes and immediately said I need to biopsy this.

Well, the results came back at it was cancer.

They scheduled the surgery, and I went in and they took a chunk out of my back.

Those results came back, and they GOT IT ALL! I’m so grateful I yelled Thank you Jesus!

I went back to have the stitches removed and they were astonished at how well I had healed.

(Shhh I used the Nano Silver drops on the stitches I barely have a scar!) Again, I’m grateful.

Mainly because they got it all!

Now I’m not saying this to boast I beat cancer. It’s because I have to now have a once over more regularly.

I'm So Thankful Again!

I am writing this blog to share with you that your skin is your first God given armor.

I spent years damaging it in the sun with baby oil… Some of you know what I’m talking about.

I want to encourage you with this.

Please get checked If you have sore moles. lumps under the skin. Sores that won’t heal…

Please dear reader. Get it checked.

Your life is precious. Your skin is your shield Please.,Please Take Care Of It.

And By the way… Those Nano Silver drops… are worth having they totally boost your immune system and help you in your overall health.

Thank you for reading

Until Next Time

The Kings Ambassador

Dr Theresa Phillips

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