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The Ambassadorship of The Kingdom


God has given His church access to the highest realms. If we don't ascend the hill of the Lord, The currency of Heaven will fall into the hands of the enemy. Each of us has a requirement to HUNGER for more. IF we ascend the hill of the Lord We WILL become MORE than conquers because THE King of ALL Kings is on the top... At that place, we are in perfect harmony with the plans and purposes the KING has in store for His Church. ( Jer 29:11). It is in that SPHERE we are open to the ultimate understanding of the revelation of The DIVINE. Imparted to us will be more courage than we ever thought of. We shall be bold as lions! ( Proverbs 28:1) Take Note Says The Lord. This is where the 7 spheres of influence dispatch Ambassadors of the highest realms. ( 2nd Cor. 5: 11) Now those who have been chosen have a unique anointing to cross barriers where that role ( Ambassadorship of the Kingdoms ) is bestowed upon individually corporately then publicly. These Ambassadors will cultivate strategic plans for ultimate success for the Business sector. They will help define original intents and specific roles in the church. It is in that role the promise of dreams and visions on young and old alike becomes a dynamic presentation of the 7 spheres of influence in a greater capacity than in times past.

Generations if influencers will emerge as one as the authentic divine purpose is released. When the process is in operation it will become COMMON for SOULS to be won out of darkness into LIGHT. For a spirit of revelation will be captivated by the seeker of going higher. Why? Because you cannot hide a light under a bushel (Mat 5 :15 & 14 ) or not be a city on the Hill. Once this is comprehended these revelations will become A RIGHT of DIVINE Rights... Or the Rights of Kings and Priests. As we see this emerge we will then define the 5 fold as the guides for the persons to do the work of the ministry. This will establish the cycles of religious and civic life working together for the common core values our nation has been birthed upon. It is this writer's passionate prayer that individuals seeking the heart to pursue GOD That they do it will great success courage strength and most of all UNITY! In Jesus name Amen Dr. Theresa Phillips


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