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An Opinion Piece. It all began with Obama.

We really need to pray for Prince Harry.

It's my opinion that this couple is being used to help establish a new world order. Their contacts in society are Barack Obama, Oprah, and Several Others including the Bidens who have fought against this nation's Moral Principles.

It is my opinion that the victim narrative has been unleashed to confuse the Spirit-filled Christian.

If we tolerate a victim mentality narrative, we will then dissolve the faith that God has given us.

Love does many things... so does pride.

Prince Harry is a man who has been in battle and the limelight.

We all know about his childhood, and we know that for years he has been silent.

So it's natural to find his voice after many years.

Yet we see his voice silenced by this wife's voice, who has taken on the Diana role and is actually complying with Satan's trick to dull the spiritual senses. By making us Feel Sorry for her.

One trick of the enemy is self-pity. Remember the Temptations of Christ.

Those temptations are serious enough got look at. Matthew and Luke.

This is worth studying now.

The World watched with bated breath as these two complied with the Master manipulate of words, Oprah Winfrey. She is excellent at getting what she wants.

These two were no match, and subsequently, by the emotional ploy, they managed to allow Oprah to cause National Interest and International relations to become disarrayed.

This is the danger.

Calls now for the Commonwealth to disband.

Calls for The Queen to apologize to Meghan.

Calls for Unrest over the Supposed racism against Meghan.

What most people don't realize she has been implying all her life she is white.

Racial rhetoric is a Click Bait and Terrorizing term in the USA. It was used effectively in the interview.

Former heads of state are now bantering for Meghan, who has had a lot of Privileges.

She studied Diana since a child married into privilege and has found the Hollywood fame she has craved.

Only because she married Prince Harry.

She claims she left everything for Prince Harry.

When in fact, it's Prince Harry who's given up so much more than she ever could imagine.

His Faith

His Military Career

His Family

His Sr Role as a Royal

His world platform for Veterans is at risk.

All his Patronages and Military roles for the Commonwealth.

Who is really suffering here?

It's Prince Harry.

And then ultimately his children.

Yet, he has been blindsided and wooed into a web of indiscretions and may ultimately result in more chaos for the allies.

God help.

Why am I saying this? Because this really serious

I mean really serious. The Global Agenda is on the table.

If the church could realize that the Anointing that we have is far greater we could change things.

We need to pray against the Agenda of global emotions.

It's a ploy a serious one and its gaining momentum

Please dear reader don't let this happen to you. Stay focused. Stay in the word and watch GOD move.

The Kings Ambassador

Dr. Theresa Phillips



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