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Memorial Day Is A Lifestyle

Memorial day reflection. 2021

Today we come before our Almighty Lord and ask that we put into remembrance the mighty and might. Yes, those tremendous brave men and women who stood shoulder to shoulder in the trenches on the land at sea and in the air.

Our flag is unfurled and our taps are being played.

Our heads are bowed low and tears drip from our eyes.

O Mighty God how can we give thanks justly and with grace enough to satisfy our people. We cannot I say we cannot for the days are being shortened and our wick has been clipped in these days we are in.

But you O Lord God are the giver of life and the abundant lover of the soul.

How many are embraced in your arms today...Held by cords that faith could not break. How many who took the storm for us O how we give honor and gratitude this day our love gives thanks for the bloodshed for us.

Not just for our land but by your cross that gives us strength to endure and persevere. ... Oh yes Lord you are the one we thank. You give courage.

You give strength You give wisdom and power to the mighty and the weak. Our hearts sing God bless America Land that I love Stand Beside her and Guide her through the night with the light from above. On Memorial day 2021 Thank you and God bless America

Chaplain Theresa Phillips Unit 342


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