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A New Beginning Why We Are Shifting Into The New !



Many of you already knwo that we are closing the Prophetic sites Global/Chicago Prophetic Voice and Daysmen Press.

For just over 10 years we have been faithful trying to bring positive Prophetic words and good news out to out public.

We have a list of over 22,000 who have engaged with us over the years and THANK YOU!

In order to serve our readers we are still keeping the Store Open till all is gone. So please take advantage of the Sales This included the Oils which will eventually be on this site Because that is our love Producing Anointing oils.

This site will be our New Site and we will engage in Prophecy News and tidbits of interest.

The Online Broadcasts will continue Starting in May. we will have monthly broadcast on the prophetic and What's Happening. we already are lining up or Guests!

Our call and duty is to advance the Kingdom and represent the realms of the King here in the below. Already one class is on this site HONOR A Blueprint to Kingdom Conduct others will soon follow.

Our goal is to have more Kingdom training and allow people to have opportunity to step into their divine purpose. I believe Destiny is awaiting your YES!

All lour CPV Partners we thank you and your partnership will allow us to host more speakers on Keys in the Prophetic thank you.

Keeping the sites has been very expensive and without Partners we can't do it.

We've paid for this out of pocket and can no longer do this successfully.

Are you ready for the new? will you stick with us? we sure do hope so because we are feeling the surge of great new things!

We sure do appreciate you and thank you for understanding

May the King of Glory Shine on you today is my prayer!

In service as the

King's Ambassador

Dr Theresa Phillips

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