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As much as I HATE what New York has Passed as Law about Infant Murder... I am wondering why Christians are now angry when the Believers should have tried to stop it before it became law... Was it common knowledge that this law was about to be passed? Could it have been stopped? Is the fear of standing up preventing the church to be a force against this law? Now, this leads me to another thought... Why has the church become passive in these matters? Only voicing once the law has been put in place? Was this law Hidden from the church? Could it have been reversed BEFORE it was placed into law? My Main thought is has the church become void of confrontation due to imminent fear of persecution? Who's going to persecute you?

Touting Bloviating Demanding Accusing Shaming Hurting Abandoning Defiling of others Why could the armies of Saul not win this battle? Why a shepherd boy-king? #1 The Amies had forgotten the STRENGTH God gave them. #2 They had grown weary = brainwashed by a loudmouth large beast called Goliath. #3 They fell prisoner in mind and body to ONE being that had a spirit of Hate and destruction. Then God does something Amazing He sends a Boy to check out his brothers... #1 A Fathers Concern = David Obeyed #2 David has been alone with GOD and had the KNOWLEDGE of that Experience. #3 David knew what it was to protect the innocent under his father's command. So this young lad walks in and see the Giant and looks at his own brothers = Family. And, thinks himself Where is the Army of The LORD? He rouses the Army with his own confidence. He uses the weapons HE KNEW HE HAD and He slays the Giant. He is moved with love for Family God and the Nation. A Loudmouth giant does not stop him. His pick up a stone and hurls it across the atmosphere and the giant falls. The End! Today God has been developing David’s to come out of the caves and be strong and of good courage. To stand up to oppression and defilement of human life. To occupy high places and to restore the walls of security that have been neglected (Nehemiah) Who will go for us WHO WHO WHO.... Isa 6: 8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" Can you do it? Can you rise to the challenge Can you make a stand for LOVE OF GOD MAN AND NATION? Dear Lord, I pray we as your children will be brave to be like David & Nehemiah and others whose names are written in the annals of Heaven for us to glean from. Give us Strength and Confidence to stand against threats and accusation lies and defilements. Allow our weapons to be used and Jesus you who intercede on our behalf I ask you to Pray for us to be of the soundness of mind and of good courage. Amen

Dr Theresa Phillips

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