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Prophetic Alert! Allies Under Attack

Prophetic Alert: Allies under attack! I had an encounter with God in prayer in the early part of December 2017. I was praying for the Young Princes of great Britain William and Harry, and I was praying for the United States. Yes, we have been allies great allies for many years -knowing that if it had not been for the Americans, all of Europe might be under the rule of Germany at this time. While I was praying, I saw our former president Mr. Obama whispering in the ear of Prince Harry. Prince Harry has a great passion for veterans this is why I was praying for him because we do too I honor and respect his call for the I am Invictus Games. The Games were held in Canada in 2017.

It was during the games is in Canada that propaganda began to come forth stating that the United States was not welcome in Great Britain. This came on the heels of our former president being at the games. Media began showing negative pictures between the Prince and our current First Lady. Shortly after Mr. Obama showed up. When I saw Mr. Obama at the games after Mrs. Trump had departed, it was then... I began to realize that there was a move to undermine the United States relations with Great Britain I began to watch this unfold in the media and all across media outlets. Soon after it had been stated that Mr. Trump was not welcome in Great Britain. I immediately went to prayer over this, and I am still greatly concerned about our relationship with our greatest ally. We are the greatest ally of Great Britain regardless of Prime Ministers regardless of Presidents regardless of who reigns and rules the office's that hold these two nations together. We must supersede the personality that is involved. We are allies, and that must come first! I am asking for nationwide intercession during this time in Switzerland our President is received with respect. I pray that our bond with Great Britain grows even stronger. I pray that people would pray about offices and not personalities I pray for the safety of our nations as we lead and govern this world will you join me in this prayer. Pray for the Peace of Allies. Thank you. Dr Theresa Phillips

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