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When I interviewed AKIANE Child Prodigy

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After the interview years later I had the chance to meet with Akiane She is as lovely as heartwork ...

Akiane Is An Esther's Woman Jan 2007 AKIANE CHILD PRODIGY

Interview by Theresa Forkins-Phillips

She was told it can't be GOD

It has been said "Burn Her Artwork.."

Akiane left her studio for our interview while plainting this new piece MOTHER WITH CHILD

A Beautiful young lady

Interview by Theresa Forkins-Phillips

This is a reprint article you may want to consider her book as a Christmas Gift

She was told it can't be GOD

It has been said Burn her artwork..

This lil lady is one sweet and powerful woman who is 13 going on 25 with a powerful testimony of endurance and Love and Passion

Meet Akiane Child Prodigy of Master quality artwork

Just added Feb 2007

interview from CNN

Inspiration by Akiane new work

to purchase painting click picture thank you...

Her voice was quite young but her words were not

Interview by Theresa Forkins-Phillips

The family did not have much. Her father was not a well man, and she was born in a blow-up pool .. AKIANE has made a difference in our world. Thank GOD!

ESTHER'S WOMAN for January 2007

YOU do not have to be an adult to become a wonder for GOD. Age 12 (now 13) and going strong. She paints like a master, she writes like a master and her vision of building schools for children is captivating me, and will you as well.

This 12 year old young woman is not ordinary by any means.

At the age of 4 she was in what she thought, "a daydream". It turned out to be an Encounter with GOD .. She was in her bedroom when she experienced what she thought . . . at first . . . was a daydream but then . . .

Fearful at first, thinking it was bad daydream, she shortly began to realize that this place was so nice and full of beauty and love .. Here she had a talk with the person . . . GOD. He told her who He was . . . GOD!

She was told about Heaven and saw the beauty of that celestial city. She was told about her life and what she would do.

It was about midnight that night, when she told her mother . . . as it became increasingly awesome, for the family who did not know GOD or have a god. Her mother who learned about all sorts of religion didn't have Christianity, nor did she appear to want it. BUT after her young daughters Encounter she began to believe, thus changing her family's life forever. The last thing on her mother’s list (becoming a Christian) became the first.

As time progressed in the life of Akiane she began to study people and have dreams and visions about them, then at age 4 she began to draw them.

Thinking every child had the same talents, Akiane was shocked to realize they did not, and that she was given a gift.

Moving forward with her gift she found it difficult to listen to music and the sounds of the classroom. After school she was so drained she could not use her gift. The sounds become screeching in her ears because she had heard Heavens music and seen the beauty there.

She is home schooled. She has a studio. She travels the country, is on several television shows, and holds press conferences. She is featured on art shows. She is always pointing to GOD not to her.

Akiane shows no pretentiousness. She is a well rounded young lady who happens to be on a mission.

Akiane has met several friends in the "fields of child gifting" and she loves them all

BUT . . .

This did not come without a price including family sacrifices (she is third child of 4). All support her, but this too is difficult as one can imagine. This family has had its share of hardships and woes.

After her encounter she was e-mailed by several people and letters came pouring in about her extraordinary talent accusing her of "family doing it instead of her "

This wounded her immensely because it was GOD’S gift and that wounds GOD.

But much to my surprise, I found her charming and so full of Grace and Love for all. She even has the ability to love her persecutors. Not one word of contention came from her mouth while we spoke. That is amazing when we are in a world so full of blame and shame.

Akiane has none of that.

Her passion is horses and she want to own one someday. She paints them as she see them. They are her favorite animal to paint.

But people are the study. She wants to make a difference in the lives of people. She searches for God in faces, and as she painted Prince of Peace at age 8, she searched for the right person to fit what she saw. She found him. While she was painting him she realized that she could not find the perfect brush to do his eyelashes so she actually used her own hair to make a special brush for the job.

When needing the right color red for the blood, she pricked her own finger and asked

her mother to go find a match of paint. Passion is what it’s all about. Akiane has plenty of that. Since our conversation a few weeks ago, she has competed a few more paintings and she keeps going. According to her father, they are more wonderful than the last. Each piece is getting more wonderful..

Her poetry is amazing as well. She was so enamored with what she was hearing that she could not find the time to write it down (she says she talks a lot). She now has her mother to write for her as she gives it - anywhere from one page at a time to 5 pages at a time. The words fill the paper.

Her poetry is on a master level. Filled with passion plus, and the very essence of person. She likes to captivate the person she is writing about, putting herself into that life – it shows.

From her book "Akiane, Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry”

"I want my art to draw people’s attention to GOD, and I want my poetry to keep their attention on GOD"

Her work is shown across the nation. Several have hosted her on the TV circuit, such as:

ABC World News Tonight, The Oprah Winfrey Show ,Good Morning America

World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, the Lou Dobbs Show/ CNN,

the Montel Williams Show, Fox News, Fox Magazine, Late Late Show

KING TV/ CBS, Fox News Rising,Time Warner cable News, KREM NEWS/ CBS


Northwest Afternoon/ ABC , The Hour of Power, Reflections/ Crystal Cathedral

J.C. and Friends , John Hancock radio show , Bob and Sherri Radio Show

co-host on the Wayne Brady TV Show , Life Line , Miracle Channel (Canada)

Life Today, "Indigo Evolution" Documentary, TBN, and Now DAYSMAN PRESS. Upon reflection of the many celebrities, she was so pleased with what Oprah said after reviewing all her paintings. When they came to the last one, “Father, Forgive Them” Oprah said, “Of course, it’s Jesus.”

The vision does not stop with painting or her poetry. She truly desires to build a school where other children can work their dreams. Writing Artwork, Poetry – Little by little, it is working out at age 12.

"God gave me this gift to tell other people what he has done for me and who He is.

I use that gift to tell other people with poetry also . . . so that is how it started

when I was 4."

Thank you AKIANE for being our Esther's Woman! She jturned 13 in July 2007

Age 4 Age 5

We were given the Exclusive on Mother With Child First

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