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Day 11 of Christmas All Is Bright!

Song.. Silent Night Holy Night. All Is Calm All Is Bright...

As I reflect O Lord upon your goodness and your mercy I can only whisper thanks be to GOD you have kept me... And, You came for me. This Very season is one HOLY Night... This Holy Night..

I am alive in spirit and recharged with a new hope.

Mercy has entered my heart. Compassion has engulfed me and The Season is still bright.

My days will be accomplished and my heart will be merry for I am living for You!

When I lay my head down in the night I shall listen to such a winter stillness a silent night a Holy Night all is well with you in my soul...

Only 1 day left of Christmas and I never want it to end..

I am not afraid. For, I am not alone. I am not going to forget this season.

I am born to be not afraid. I am born a new in my vision. I am going to share you..

Your glory is FOR me and I choose this day to believe.

Thank you dear Jesus Amen

Dr Theresa Phillips

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