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The Healing Must Begin With Us

Today as the Nation embarks on a New Journey. We must remember who we are and be civil! Will you pray for President-Elect Joe Biden? I will it's my duty. Since October Our Lord has been giving me prayer initiates over this incoming battle and the incoming administration. Today we see many people broken hearted etc... But we the church are the healing center of the world and it starts with us. With Dignity With Repentance and With Honor. May God Touch Our Current President and bring HEALING to him and his family. Never in the history of our Great nation has there ever been such disregard for the Highest office in the land. Never have we seen Treason and Anarchy given so much freedom.

Yet we have something the world does not have WE HAVE THE ANOINTING! And A New Anointing is coming. One we have never seen before and it will be backed up with Scripture. May God touch the nation's leaders who failed their people. May GOD RESTART THE CHURCH with His Presence to guide us as in a fresh new anointing. Let us look into scripture that will allow us to RESET our Place in his Presence For Months I've been sharing this scripture and preaching about it. Hosea 8 : 4 They set up kings without my consent; they choose princes without my approval. With their silver and gold they make idols for themselves to their own destruction. Pray for our Leaders! That is not to GLOTE that is to repent and search deeper into His Word and Become the Flame He has called us to be Now Church Put on That Fresh Armor and Cloak of Zeal and Let Be His Vessel of Honor God bless you God Bless America The Kings Ambassador ______________________________

Anoint Yourself With The Oil Of GLory

Make Today A New Day


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