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Not Guilty Says The Lord!

PRAY this helps someone ...In Jesus name! I've been seeing too many people hurting... NOT GUILTY SAID THE LORD

The truth is my mother wanted to abort me and my twin brother. She sought out professional help to agree this was a good idea. One day she passed a church went in to kneel and pray she came out... and, Here I am... But the story was not the best ... you see when she was angry she often spoke throughout my life I could have killed you-you know... No one really knows how painful that is ... to hear that even after you have children.... I DONT LIKE YOU I DONT WANT YOU!...

Then the worst could happen my twin brother who was adorable and highly loved died in a tragic accident..

Here the rants started hugely. I was alive he was not... I was silently blamed then openly blamed My elder brother would not speak to me (making me feel the accident was my fault). I was often banished to the upstairs...

I had no worth in my family. I felt all my life like I was not wanted nor loved.

Loneliness was all had. All I knew.. When I was 13, my father stopped me in the upstairs hallway and said to me what did you do with your hair? I said I combed it to the other side. He said did you know you are pretty... No one ever said anything like that to me ever. I never heard those words again till I met my Robert Phillips. ❤ My dad and I had a close relationship. Through the years he would drive me to school, and I could talk to him. He was my family we understood the pain of isolation even though he was so busy in the City working He too felt all alone In many ways.. We both understood the same and guilt my mother bore.. The pain and hurt... But so did we! We all did in my family... Each one silently blaming the other. Each one shoving pain down ignoring ignoring ignoring... I always felt no one really understood my loss. I lost my twin, And I lost my family. ( except my dad and one cousin for that I am eternally grateful ). Yet, that's the way a little girl feels.. That's the way it sometimes feels now.. Can one be set free from this tragic way of life? Can one be free of the shame and guilt? Can one be loved?... One night I was alone in my home, and Jesus visited me Yes. He has come to me many times... He came and stood before me and said I want to show you something... All of a sudden I was sobbing, I was broken and so wretched... My mind was flooded with all the hateful, hurtful memories of abandonment blame shame rejection and isolation... I was being tormented. I cried out to him Do you feel this? Why are you here?? Why Lord why? Then, he said look over here... I did I saw my family my mother my father my older brother my two sisters myself all standing, and I saw my twin... We were all standing in the room. Both my grandmothers standing there too... Then I saw something else ...Each one of us was holding a sign... On that sign was a letter each one carrying one letter. I looked at it, and it had made a banner. That banner filled the room... It said ... N O T G U I L T Y! I looked at the Lord... He then came close to me and said You are not guilty it was an accident ... I was set free PEOPLE I WAS FREE... ON THE SPOT! You can be too! The Not Guilty sign is out and take it! I declare before you all that this IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE WE MUST REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT... I ask Jesus to help each of us to forgive and free each other from hurting tonight. Be FREE and loved for this is the best love.. For Perfect Love Casts out all fear ( 1st John 4: 18) His love is PERFECT it's up to us whether we choose to accept it and move on... Again a scripture floods my mind Joshua 24: 14 Choose this day... We can choose to walk in pain or Choose Life... Dear friend choose Life... God bless you!

The Kings Ambassador Dr. Theresa Phillips


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