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It's A New Day!

I can feel a New Day!

The spirit of the living God is about to move closer and closer than he has in a long time.

I can sense a spirit of turning away the old and getting into a new realm.

This realm that we’re about to enter into this one we have never seen before.

We will begin to see angelic activity stronger and stronger and it will become more evident to even the lost to see.

We will begin to hear signs and wonders of the supernatural moving in the midst of chaos.

We will begin to find people turning back to God opening their Bibles and researching what God has to say.

Churches will begin to open and people will flood in and people will say.

I was glad when they said let us go up to the house of the Lord! Psalms 122:1

Although there will be battles on many sides, we will begin to hear from heaven. And the strategies that will transform the mind the body and the spirit.

Be ready to hear from the Lord a new sound starting today!

The Kings Ambassador

Dr Theresa Phillips


Are you taking The Vaccine?

We are hosting professional Lab Technicians for a Broadcast Sept 24 @ 6pm CDT

they will bring us information about the Viruses we face and alternative measures to the Vaccine.


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