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"The Day I Met Diana Princess Of Wales In Heaven' Dr. Theresa Phillips

The Eve Before Prince Harry's wedding I Am Releasing An Encounter I had With Their Mother While on Visit To heaven. Almost 20 Years ago..... The Day I Met Diana Princess Of Wales In Heaven Dr. Theresa Phillips It was about 6 Months after the death of The Late Princess of Wales when I had a Heavenly Encounter ... Then a dream... The Encounter: I had ascended to this higher realm of the Kingdom. I knew I was in Heaven I looked at the ground floor I was standing on and it as solid silver yet you could see through it. Ahead of me was a vast array of angelic being and created beings to my left were three thrones. The one in the middle was living radiant light. I stood in awe of this vision I was having, not knowing what was to happen next. The Presence that accompanies me when I have taken these journeys to Heaven nudged me to proceed further toward the thrones. I was at this time on the sidelines so to speak.. Gazing at the splendor before me. As I was nudged closer to the throne I realized in was the highest realm of all. The Chamber of the Holiest Realm in the Heaven. The Throne of The Almighty it's Alive! Overcome with awe the Presence steadied me. The throne closest to me was on the right side of the Middle throne I saw a Golden Circulate Jewel Encrusted Crown. The Presence who occupied was wearing a magnificent white robe with a purple sash. The person sitting there radiated such glorious light it was unimaginable to us here in the below... Again I was nudged closer to the thrones. I began to look around me .. And, I saw a huge hall so huge it was unimaginable to describe. Vast and gloriously filled with an array of persons from all over the world. The Kings of The Earth had surely brought their Glory! ( Rev. 21: 24) I saw a scepter made of 1 pure diamond with a transparent golden hilt almsot as if it were sceptor and sword combined.

So many people standing in awe of this majestic realm Angles surround the Vast space All dressed in the official garments from the Nations of the world. Then I saw something that was to change me forever. From the vast company of people who in the Presence came a woman wearing a purple robe. Upon her head, was a crown made of Diamond and Topaz. I caught her eye...I knew her as if she was my sister. She walked up 5 steps and touched the tip of the scepter. her bow was deep as if she had begun to dance It movement was extremely graceful. The Presence emanated a glorious glow of approval then waved the scepter toward me. She looked my way bowed her head and digressed back into her position. The Presence nudged me again look up don't look down The Presence awaits. I looked up and saw a multitude of beings in anticipation of the throne. All awaiting their summons... Instantly I was back in my tea room... I said nothing to anyone for I knew The Person was Diana Princess of Wales. A few days later I had a dream Dream: I was sitting in my tea room reading and worshipping when the bell at the gate was being rung. This is unusual for only deliveries to the house the bell. The bell rang again. I got up from my spot and went to look out the window. There at the gate was a woman wearing a baseball cap and jeans. On her right was a boy her left was a boy. I went outside and stood on the inside of the gate my own son was with me. As I approached the gate the woman had tears in her eyes. Standing behind her was a guardian angel wearing armor and carrying a scroll.. On that scroll were the names of those who would receive this very invitation. Almost as if it were a summons. My Name was on that scroll. I knew this was Diana Princess of Wales. She said to me "These are My Boys William and Harry... I cannot guide them But your prayers can"... I know you love them as you love your own son. Will you watch over them Pray for them and remember them?" Of course, said I opened the gate The boys ran in. They began to play with my son. They laughed and had a marvelous time. As I watched the boys playing I noticed She was gone. I also noticed something else Eternity had invaded time. Though I was present here in the below Heaven had come down into my garden and I had this visitation. Was it her Or was it her Angel?

I awoke from this dream I could still feel this presence around me I could hear the children playing.. I knew I had been given an assignment An Assignment to Love To Pray To Cover and to Cherish here boys as my own. I have prayed for then daily ever since. I have never forgotten the Heavenly Encounter I have never forgotten The Angelic Visitation her Guardian Angel Visited me..He brought me a mandate to Pray and Love and Cover the Children of the Future King of England.. I pray for Safety Love and Favor Of King Jesus over these young men IN Jesus name may they know Him Serve Him Revere him and Train their children to do the same In Jesus Name Amen

Theresa Phillips

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