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Producer Laurie Crouch

Laurie Crouch

My Interview in 2009 With Producer Laurie Crouch an Amazing Woman

Lady of Grace, Love, and Faith

Interview and Article Theresa Phillips

She Put it ALL on The Line!

Laurie Crouch Film Producer Wife Mother and Faith Believing

"God either calls on your faith or confirms your faith" was the statement as we talked together for this interview...

WOW! what a statement!

Esther said "if I perish I perish" Not only was this THEE statement in the filmONE NIGHT WITH THE KING which came out on 13 October 2006. It is the message in the Book Of Esther it has become a fact of life in the Crouches life!

The first film Omega Code was 600.0000 budget a sleeper to some, but over 5000 articles were written about it! USA Today called it the HIT HOLLYWOOD Missed!!! That film was worth it all !!!

11 years ago Matt and Laurie Crouch left the family Ministry TBN to start

Gener8Xion Entertainment.

A fantastic job, funding, a lovely house on the hill on Orange County 2 small boys, a picture perfect life... Yet something was missing. Their own destiny was yet to be fulfilled .. They had passion in their hearts to obey Gods will for their lives and to make films IS it!

Someone spoke to them by telling them.." take my name (meaning Gods) to the unheard I want you to make my name famous there, and you will reach the hearts of the ungodly without them even knowing it."

The mandate set and the story began. Laurie and Matt moved their two small boys to Hollywood to start a business that was not usually welcome. And to a place, Laurie did not want to raise their children ..

Now to create Christian and Family Value Film Making IN HOLLYWOOD CALIF. The USA.

What a novel idea!

They started the work; Omega Code was in the works and funding had to be got.


"It seems like all we do requires everything we have to do it," said Laurie

They moved, they worked, and they mortgaged it all!! And it was a success; The Omega Code became the #1 independent film in 1999. But it cost everything and held its own against multi-million budget films and provoked a more important message. Christians began to cry for more Family Valued films

ENTER ... MATT AND LAURIE CROUCH!! (Matthew Crouch is president of Los Angeles based film production company Gener8Xion Entertainment. His first feature as a Producer - The Omega Code(1999) Starring Casper Van Dien, 'Michael York' and Catherine Oxenberg- was the #1 grossing limited release film of 1999).

Other works were Megiddo and The Champion: plus Documentaries as well.

Laurie Crouch does not limit herself to just filmmaking ..

She is a preacher in her own right raised in a Pastors home and married to a man whom both parents are in full-time ministry Laurie has traveled with Mother in law Jan Crouch to help children.... Mission work is important it never goes away people will always need help.

Jan and Laurie joined the children at mealtime. What joy to see hungry lil’ tummies being fed! For more than 20 years, TBN through its wonderful partners has helped provide food for the children of Haiti.

Not pretentious at all!! This steadfast mother of two, filmmaker and worshipper of the Almighty has a job to do.

To take a message to those who do not otherwise hear.

Knowing America has over 300,000 churches in it and 30,000 cinemas what has more influence today?

That is a motivation for her.

Part 2 Enter the King

Their latest release is ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING

An epic motion picture set in an imaginative world of adventure, intrigue, and romance, One Night With the King follows a young girl who rises from peasant to princess by going against the culture and seeking the King's heart rather than the riches of the kingdom.

This film was made in India and had its share of problems like all films, but the outcome was spectacular indeed. Premier trailer showings went all over America to allow us pastors view it and respond to it. We were on the edge of our seats looking.. Wanting more ...

When it was released on 13 October, it ranked again in the top 10.

This time too they had to put everything they had on the line .. Their reputations promises from people who did not fulfill ... Financial overload, and again their faith was being called upon.." make my name famous said GOD" was the driving force behind the work..

"The challenges I think of?, anything is, That GOD never calls you to do anything to do without Him, It always takes every bit of faith you can muster and then some of your own faith " .

It was Gods Grace to put this film together"

"Either God Called us or we are on the wrong limb in the wrong tree said, Laurie"

The walk was by faith..Every day through the drama of life and the pressures of filmmaking

Faith is the key!

God has required everything Matt and I have to do this on every project Everything is required.

Its believing (taken from the film) when Esther said I will go like David

"David's victory is not because he fought well it is because he believed well "

"The only time we please God is when we trust and have faith"

Thank you, Laurie Crouch, we are so honored to have you as Esther's Woman.KEEP IT UP ...

Click here: 8X - Gener8xion Entertainment, Inc

Family puts it all on the line for GOD and Man

Films In Development PRODIGAL SON

The animated feature, Prodigal Son, is a futuristic retelling of the biblical parable of the prodigal son, set in an imaginative world of hover cars, fantastic ships and amazing technology. This action-packed, animated musical is an archetypal story about forgiveness, redemption and a father's love that crosses all boundaries and faiths.


From the canyons of war-torn Ethiopia to the spectacle of the American media to Washington's dark corridors of power, Blessed Child is a supernatural journey of peril, intrigue, love and breathtaking wonder. At its heart, it is the story of the relationship between Jason Marker, an agnostic Peace Corp worker, and Caleb, the ten year Old.

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