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Day 9 Giving to Satisfy My Soul It's Christmas!

Song. I Wonder As I Wander Out Under the Sky...

Luke 2: 7 And She brought forth her fitstbone son. Wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger.

I have a place of rest... I have clothing on my back. Yet so many ar without...

So in the spirit of giving I shall look to my own treasure and purge for the new year.

I see this has a tag and this has never been worn.

2 new blankets. Yes place them in the box.

This sweater is warm and this dress this is beautiful!

Folding nicely I must send to those in need..

Then looking to the cupboards I begin to pack up 2 of this 3 of that. A box filled...

It wasn't enough before Christmas. Christmas is all year long..

Come now children gather with me all your toys you really don't need...

And, They Did...

Dear Lord you have renewed a spirit of Christmas In me, and, in my children.

Help us to keep it all year long..Amen

Dr Theresa Phillips

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