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"America The Nations Are Watching"

I was asking Jesus to be Jesus today when he spoke to me and said "Theresa The Nations are watching you... They are watching America The churches are looking for a prophet." I was taken back...I knew these things BUT, somehow when the voice of God begins to speak it comes like THUNDER. It then, takes on a new meaning... The voice of GOD always resonates thru me. It may be the Written Word it may be a song It may be HIM. Still the resonating commences and I am all ears. As I sat still I could see a vast shadow being cast over the nations of the world. Europe was targeted with this Shadow. I just watched... I kept looking and in the midst of the shadow I saw a hand perfectly manicured hand.. the pointed finger had nail polish on it were the flags of the nations. Instantly I was reminded of Daniel 5 ; 5 Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote. 6 His face turned pale and he was so frightened that his legs became weak and his knees were knocking. In the midst of so much chaos GODS had was being exposed... Read that chapter and one will see that even nobles and the king began to tremble... I kept peering as intently as I could.. and I saw the hand begin to write across Europe... Seek me and Live...Amos 5 :4. I waited some more Over the top of the hand came many aircraft Warplanes. BUT these were not from the below they were from above Angelic warcraft. Assigned to Europe. I watched and then I saw something else... I saw 1000s upon 1000s of hands lifted high they were capturing the planes in their hands. embracing them like a child would a new toy. Those hands began to show they were on LONG arms coming from behind me were new hands young hand and strong hands. These hands came across the waters and they were from America. I stepped back as if I were to observe in the vision and I saw something else The Ameican Flag was across our nation The Banner of our freedom was displayed from heaven's point of view... I looked with an unusual pride at the American flag... As I did suddenly more hands began to move the flag and wave so hard that Europe was getting the breeze from it... Then I saw that shadow once more It was growing from America to Europe But then it began to move to Isreal.. and on to Africa Lord. I cried what is this.. and he spoke so clearly to me Those who dwell under my shadow will be safe... Look at this he said ... and the shadow grew it was vast and in the cent was the hand of GOD.. I was then taken to the scripture of Peters Shadow.. I could clearly see that.. He spoke again Theresa those who abide under my shadow will have the shadow as Peter did .. Healings will take place Miracles will be poured out in abundance.. If the abiding is UNDER me I can protect and do my will..

Peter was one with me and I could move. When the body is with me MY SHADOW Grows. I have in America people who love the nations - through THEM I will move My outstretched hand and deliver My people. I am calling intercessors to pray for the nations. YET in the nations. They are looking at the American Church... I say now Abide and watch the world watch you do mighty exploits says the Lord..

The Kings Ambassador Dr.Theresa Phillips

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