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Day 8 I Can Hear Angels Singing!

Song: Angels we have heard on High Sweetly singing or the place... and the mountains reply.. Echo.... The day of new beginnings.

Its The new Year HAPPY GOD a New Year Old things pass away BEHOLD....

Luke 2:14 Glory to God in the Highest and son earth peace goodwill toward men..

Today I shall find a place of refuge for someone.

I hear the angelic choir the birth of Jesus now proclaimed.

I have realized I must be the gift for those who need to know..

But Lord, I shall say Glory to GOD. To love you, is to give you.. To have fellowship with you is to extend your grace.

I pray I may be grace extended...As we begin to take down the festive decorations I choose to stay festive.

I am strengthened. Renewed... The sky is bright and the song has not departed from my heart. I can hear the Angels Choir...

I am looking into this New Year. I am sensing expectation of a fresh start O GOD share with me your heart.

I do desire to give it away. It's Christmas Every day!

And then... guide me with arm of strength I am developing your mind in my soul. Ahh The Mind of The Christ..To be like a child....

Thank you O Majestic GOD of Heaven...

Dr Theresa Phillips

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