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12 Days Of Christmas Prayer Book

Sometimes we just need a prayer to get thru the Holidays

The Work The Cleanup the kids Family gathers Outings Caroling And all of it!

I have written a 12 Days of Christmas Prayer Book

I hope you enjoy I will be send it out for 12 Days

Please do give feedback Thank you

Day 1& 2

Christmas Day Song Hark The Herald Angels Sing Glory To The New Born King" Prayer Luke 2: 10 And the angel said unto them fear not for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. Dear Lord, I receive the peace that has been declared over me thru the Angel Gabrial It is the GOOD NEWS Yes, I am prepared to be a bearer if Good News and glad tidings to all the people I meet While those around me may feel discouraged and alone, I will give a smile and turn that frown upside down. I know you are with me always your hand is upon me I choose to rejoice and be glad. I thank you tat This Season is made for ALL mankind I pray that you will help me remember to hold my heart. "The Peace that is now proclaimed." Amen

Day 2

Song Sing Joy To The World The Lord has Come Let Earth Receive Her King" Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room... Matt 1;21 And, she shall bring forth a Son, and Thou Shalt Call his name Jesus: For he shall save his people from their sins OWhen we trave O Lord It how tough it as in those days... How grateful we are for cars planes trains busses I am so very thankful that I can travel with you in my heart You, O Lord you have caused me to triumph in all ways even on highways and byways. O Dear Father of lights I welcome your SON into my life. I celebrate the birth and promise of eternal joy Thank you, Jesus, You Are the light of my world Now I sing with joy even in times of trouble and even then I will choose to make room for you INN me. Amen

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